Monthly Archives: July 2006

Episode 4 – The Princess Show

Episode 4 – The Princess ShowThe much ballyhooed Princess episode goes over like a pregnant pole-vaulter as the girls clam up about their clams. You can actually hear Molino squirm in his chair as he tries to wring even the simplest answers from the ladies. Adam acts as a valiant and loyal Sancho Panza to this misguided crusade, and Franco gets more and more drunk with each passing question. Who will win in the end? Why you will, dear listener.

Episode 3 – Special Guest, ‘Atrophy’

Episode 3 – Special Guest, 'Atrophy'Molino has an admirer, Franco has a dying testicle and Adam has an extra body part. These and other secrets revealed when the boys meet to discuss medical mishaps. Later they’re joined by Atrophy, a local band with global ambitions. Bassist Pigpen does the pee-pee dance completely off the cuff; Franco stares in a mix of awe and horror.

Episode 2 – Bonobos Monkeys

Episode 2 – Bonobos MonkeysAttack of the Clowns. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you just may learn something as the gang discusses the bi-sexual lifestyle of the Bonobos Monkeys at great length. Find out how we would change the world if only we had superpowers, and listen to local beer brewer Tim Graham as he schools us in the fine art of yeast cultivation. Ever performed a “Sneaky Jesus”? Learn how here.

Episode 1 – Pilot

Episode 1 – PilotSex with midgets! Caped co-workers! Urine fetishes! Come and have a listen as Molino, Adam, Franco and Will attempt to cut their first podcast. Marvel at Adam’s wit, amaze your friends with Molino’s deft storytelling, cry at Franco’s wandering morass of an opening story. Sure it’s about as awkward as being caught trying on your sister’s panties, but it’s twice as fun!