Monthly Archives: September 2006

Episode 8 – Don’t forget a courtesy flush

Episode 8 – Don’t forget a courtesy flushEver crap your pants? Well, commiserate here with the gang as they go on a whirlwind tour of all things fecal with world renowned scheisse expert Morgan Hendrickson. Gasp in awe at new wiping techniques, chuckle ruefully at Franco’s 3-point check, cry like your grandma everytime Molino speaks. Top it all off with a story by Mr. Hendrickson so full of crap it must be true. Don’t forget a courtesy flush.

Episode 7 – Home Field Advantage

Episode 7 – Home Field AdvantageNina comes to the rescue! It’s a return to form as the fellas finally find a girl willing to talk about her lady parts. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the auto-erotic habits of your favorite podcast team, choose sides in our engaging point/counterpoint debate on the finer points of home field advantage on a one night stand, and find out just what a queef is and how to properly deal with it. If it stings, put some ointment on it.

Episode 6 – Wedding Story

After weeks of over night rehearsals at The Place Where We All Work, the lads decide to do an early morning session on next to no sleep. A good decision? Probably not, but then that’s where all the genius comes from. Topics include the irate metropolis of Orlando and a lengthy yet cathartic wedding story told by Mr. Billings. Please hold all applause til the end.