Monthly Archives: October 2006

Episode 12 – It’s Halloween

Episode 12 – It’s HalloweenGot Live If You Want It! It’s Halloween, so the kids try their hand at their first remote recording. All goes well until the strippers show up late, but it’s all good. Sean finally becomes a man and Franco gets groped in the wee hours. Where’s Adam? Who knows, but The King Takes his spot and makes offers we can’t refuse. Enjoy the debauchery!

Episode 11 – Lindsay Moss, author of ‘You Made This Drink, You Drink It’

Episode 11 – Lindsay Moss, author of 'You Made This Drink, You Drink It'Video Killed The Podcast Star….The guys get classy as they take on the lofty subject of literature. Local author Lindsay Moss writes a book, and for her efforts is forced to face grueling questions from The Brilliant Mistake. She answers all with grace and aplomb, and even teaches Franco how to conjugate the verb “to be”. Notice also the video feed, full of eye-popping action pants-shitting fun – money well spent.

Episode 9 – Retard or Lesbian?

Retard or Lesbian? That is the question the boys will try to answer in an exciting new game they invinted. Not just fun for the studio audience, you can play along at home and squeal in delight with each correct answer. Meanwhile after a day of pranking one another to the point of tears, the guys discuss the merits of the practical joke, and then break up on the air. Just kidding.