Monthly Archives: November 2006

Episode 14 – Ya know what pisses me off?

Episode 14 – Ya know what pisses me off?A gathering of misanthropes to discuss pet peeves. The guys are daring and brave enough to invite Carlie and Ashley from the fatal Princess Episode back on, but this time they are in the gentle guiding hands of Joey. Speaking of which, some final (we promise) remarks and stories emerge from Joey’s Halloween party. The girls keep the giggling and silliness to a minimum, while the boys keep the fun and excitement to just below interesting.

Episode 13 – When The Ship Comes In

Episode 13 – When The Ship Comes InIt’s our sagacious recap of the 2006 midterm election. Cheers for Joe Lieberman! Jeers for that unhinged whack job we used to call the Secretary of Defense! Against the prevailing zeitgeist, the guys opt to Stay The Course and recap the now legendary Halloween videocast show with stripper wrangler Tim Graham, who once again finds a way to discuss yeast strains on our show. Stunning.