Episode 14 – Ya know what pisses me off?

Episode 14 – Ya know what pisses me off?A gathering of misanthropes to discuss pet peeves. The guys are daring and brave enough to invite Carlie and Ashley from the fatal Princess Episode back on, but this time they are in the gentle guiding hands of Joey. Speaking of which, some final (we promise) remarks and stories emerge from Joey’s Halloween party. The girls keep the giggling and silliness to a minimum, while the boys keep the fun and excitement to just below interesting.

2 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Ya know what pisses me off?

  1. Big Mike

    Maybe Im fuckin stupid, but trying to dowload your show is like masturbating with a cheese grater… It just cant be done. Luckily I have a direct line to one of the stars, so fuck you, Ill comment anyway. Ill preface this by saying Hot Girls for the most part can do whatever they want… With that said Heres what pisses me off.
    Almost everything. I know it seems odd but as ive gotten older, and fatter most things piss me off. Heres what I thinkl about what Franco said. People who eat with chopsticks when there is a fork available should certainly be smacked. I mean, unless you were born in china, get with the fuckin times and use a fork. Your not any cooler because you can eat with two sticks. Granted If I had used chopsticks all my life instead of a shovel, I may not be a fat bastard at 27… but that still doesnt matter.
    I also aggree with Franco on these Big sunglasses.. but Ill go one further. Ugly women who wear big sunglasses are really really fucked up. They have to go. I know everyone probably wants these uglies to cover their face, but they hide in my crotch, not behind a pair of shades. No worries, Id let her go, but I wouldnt tell anyone about it… Unless shes Got big tits… cause Uncle Jackie Likes Big Tits.
    All in all I like what Ive heard so far. Get that damn phone workin so I can join in the fun.
    Dont let the world get ya down. Im gettin laid, so can you.

  2. H.T. Gnome

    I still haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast, but I must reply to the posting:

    1. Don’t knock Cheese Grater Onanism ’til you try it. It’s a bit of a chore, but you’ll never need to purchase parmesan again.

    2. Chopstick Envy is a sad, sad place to be in one’s life. Did a scary “Round Eye” once taunt you with his chopstick prowress in your impressionable youth? Were stinging tears of shame running down your face while you ham-handedly attempted to get that last Crab Rangoon into your gob with these delicate instruments? No offense meant, just curious.

    3. Uncle Jackie’s restraining order specifically details that he is to stay away from “Tits of A Large Size” for 180 days. Please don’t make me call the fuzz.

    Thank you.

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