Monthly Archives: December 2006

Episode 18 – Normality?

Episode 18 – Normality?It’s back to normal (sort of) as Molino’s old friend Larry drops in to discuss old war stories from the road. The listener may finally get an idea as to why Molino is the way he is, as they listen to the unhinged ravings of this, his oldest friend. Cringe at the tale of the defaced rat, marvel at the account of Molino’s seaborne drinking prowess, laugh along at the handicapped. It’s all here, all for you. Christ!

Episode 15 – The End Is Near!

Get your affairs in order and say your prayers, dear listener, as we are living in the End of Days. How do we know this? Mac finally makes it as a guest on the show. And for all his hard work on our graphics and long suffering as he was bumped week after week how do we reward him? Why, we leave him stranded in the parking lot for a half hour and then record our shortest show. Thanks, Mac.