Episode 15 – The End Is Near!

Get your affairs in order and say your prayers, dear listener, as we are living in the End of Days. How do we know this? Mac finally makes it as a guest on the show. And for all his hard work on our graphics and long suffering as he was bumped week after week how do we reward him? Why, we leave him stranded in the parking lot for a half hour and then record our shortest show. Thanks, Mac.

3 thoughts on “Episode 15 – The End Is Near!

  1. Lindsay Moss

    Mac! You bastard!! How the hell do we know each other? What show did we do? Was it “Kids” in the dead of summer? Or “CTS” in the dead of winter? Does it matter? ‘Cause apparently with my “back sweat” and the fact that I can “irrigate an African village” I sweat like a “Man-Girl” no matter what the season!!! I am so coming back on this show to defend myself and explain that I sweat so much because I’m fucking working hard and I’m under lights, in costume, doing cardio, in 105 degree heat IN August, IN December–it doesn’t matter–you try that in the blazing sun of Florida at an out-door theme park, you flaw-finding FUCK!
    I am totally kidding. I loved that show. I love Mac. I love the Brilliant Mistake. I WILL be on the show again to defend myself. And I love it how you guys promote me and my book. And yes, I only do book signings in air conditioned venues. Thank you, and good night.
    Giggles and Glands,
    Lindsay Moss

  2. Molino

    I was really close o having a total emotional collapse as I read the start of this post. Thanks for being a good sport, Lindsay.

  3. Mahatma Gandhi

    I haven’t even listened to this drivel and I can say without the tiniest bit of hesitation:

    “Seriously, can I have some food? No, I’m really fucking hungry.”

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