Episode 18 – Normality?

Episode 18 – Normality?It’s back to normal (sort of) as Molino’s old friend Larry drops in to discuss old war stories from the road. The listener may finally get an idea as to why Molino is the way he is, as they listen to the unhinged ravings of this, his oldest friend. Cringe at the tale of the defaced rat, marvel at the account of Molino’s seaborne drinking prowess, laugh along at the handicapped. It’s all here, all for you. Christ!

3 thoughts on “Episode 18 – Normality?

  1. God

    My omnipotence precludes me from having to “wait” for you to actually post this episode to know that my good friend, the Rev. Pat Robertson, would not be happy with it.

    Actually, I’m getting a bit tired of using him as my mouthpiece (the way he crams all that bacon into his corporal body does NOT make him look like the image of me I created, thankyouverymuch), so I hereby ordain you, The Brilliant Mistake, as the sole messengers of my infallible word to the masses.

    I hereby command you to disseminate to my people the following pronouncements for the year Anno Me 2007:

    1. The dead shall rise from their graves and terrify theologians and laymen alike with neverending repetitions of the dance break from the “Thriller” video.

    2. The Seven Headed Beast shall slither out of Lake Eola one dark humid night and promptly return 5 minutes later when it mistakes late-night Orlando for a post-plague ghost town.

    3. Prophet Adam will fight off a pinworm infestation only to discover too late that he actually misses the company.

    4. Prophet Franco, in a freak accident involving a barge and a Princess, will find the Lord and the Palsy simulatenously.

    5. Prophet Will, stung by unfair peer accusations of 2006 malaise, will make this world a better place through his renewed efforts to combat rampant necrophilia in his condo complex.

    6. Prophet Andy will live. This is more than can be said for the 3 children he will harvest for replacement body parts. 2 for livers and one “to grow on”.

    7. Atlanta Braves in a 4 game sweep.

    8. The heretofore unknown Christian group “Lovelorn Midgets” will be exalted when their breakthrough pop hit “Who Needs Victory? At Least I can Eat Pork!” goes Platinum.

    9. More predictions to follow after my 7th day nap.

    I have spoken.

    Smiting to follow if directives are not followed.

  2. Mike Micucci

    Gentleman. Kudos to a great episode. (yes, I did actually give you kudos) I am one of those “old Florida friends” of Larry and Andy, and it was great to hear the “rat” story again. (not that I need quotation marks because any story about a rat is good) It was also fun hearing the age old “Well, I’m no History major . . .” line. I was actually sitting to the left of Andy and I distintly remember his jaw dropping in disbelief before replying to the quote. (I actually fed him the line he came back with, but I have no real proof) Anyway, it sounds like you guys have a good show here, and you’ve got a new listener up in Westborough, MA. (that’s me, by the way!!) Anytime you need some type of commentary on the Red Sox or Red Lobster, just let me know!

  3. Dianely Heredia

    Just had Larry send me the link to this and I have to say that I was just rolling. It brought back all kinds of memories of the insanity at Heidelberg Hight School. It was good to hear the two of you and I will make sure to keep listening from now on!

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