Episode 20 – The Big Dump

Episode 20 – The Big DumpLindsay Moss steps in to take the place of that other guy. We discuss her book, her hopes and our fears. Adam reviews films with a sports theme (well… sorta) and everyone discusses fat chic haters and frivolous law suits. Hooray! for major corporations. Boo! for jackasses from the Granite State (that’s you, New Hampshire. Live free or die? Well, die bitches!!) Plus a very special guest stops by, has a hard time with his lines, but gets it all out in the end. Ah… the big dump!

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One thought on “Episode 20 – The Big Dump

  1. Cutechick

    Just thought that since I was in the running for co-host, I would take this opportunity to congratulate Lindsay. She is the best person for the job and look forward to hearing her lovely voice in episodes to come.
    Thanks for including me in the contest. Keep up the great show!

    The Cutechick

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