Monthly Archives: February 2007

Moments with Franco: Chapter 3 – Welcome To Moe’s

Moments with Franco: Chapter 3 – Welcome To Moe’sYou’re about to learn two important lessons; 1. Never record anything in a moving car, and 2. Think deep when considering self-mutilation. This Chapter of Franco was recorded about 2 months ago; when the Moe’s in Celebration last cleaned their restaurant. Friends, be safe.

Episode 22 – Let’s Make A Baby!

Episode 22 – Let's Make A Baby!After a drunken night of male bonding and Lost viewing, the fellas do an impromptu show with long time man-crush Matt Jackson and talk about baby makin’. Venereal diseases also hold sway in this court of fools, which is an irony, since Franco isn’t present. The show was a last minute decision, and Franco won’t watch Lost with us, so he was absent. That doesn’t mean he’s off the show, we promise. By the way, Adam is a serial rapist. Enjoy.

Episode 21 – Drink ’em if ya Got ’em

The Brilliant Mistake turns 21 and we celebrate like any red-blooded American – by getting piss drunk. It’s a video podcast so you can see for yourself, dear viewer, in stunning Technicolor the debauchery that is Adam’s Circle of Death. Molino shares drinking stories that show a deep seeded alcoholism from early childhood, and where’s Franco? Why he’s on the floor in a pool of his own hot sick. Drinking is cool.