About The Brilliant Mistake

Somewhere in the distant hills of Jalalabad, on the coldest day of Spring, four of the loneliest and most hirsute men in the world met at a poorly paved and ill-lit crossroads. Driven by a compulsion none of them had the power or even the desire to overcome, they banded together to eat apples, share knitting stories and bring justice to an unjust world. Was it mere happenstance that brought them to each other that oh, so blustery day, or was it perhaps the delusional Providence of a long dead God? While we may never be able to answer that question we do know this – urine is a great icebreaker. And so, it is with humble and contrite hearts that we invite you into the world of The Brilliant Mistake, a world that is at times both keenly amusing and deeply tragic, but always hungry for more of grandma’s soup. Who knows, you might just fall in love.

Translation: The Brilliant Mistake are some friends who meet once a week in Orlando, Florida to drink beer, eat nachos and discuss a wide range of socially awkward topics, dispense advise and shamelessly plug their friends’ bands. While their opinions may often lack even a kernel of rational thought, they’re trying really, really hard for you to like them. Enjoy.